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Bist Du bereit für Inspiration, Kreativität, und Impulse, um dein SOULBUSINESS aufzubauen und zu entwickeln?



Ein Tag für Dich und Dein Business.

Imagine gaining the insights and tools to strategically launch your business forward, ensuring sustainable growth and success.

If you're committed to making strategic moves and taking your business to the next level, this high-level course is your gateway to unparalleled success.


Join us in this intensive program where expertise meets ambition, and let's chart the course to your business's thriving future together.

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I´m February, I coach incredible entrepreneurs like yourself!

My zone of genius lies in helping ambitious entrepreneurs reach their full potential by discovering their zone of genius.

Whether you´re grappling with procrastination, battling self-doubt, feeling overwhelmed, or simply lacking a clear strategy, take a moment to consider how far you have come despite these challenges.

Now, envision the boundless potential that awaits when absolutely nothing is holding you back and hindering your growth.


Since my first entrepreneurial endeavor at the age of 19, I've built, scaled and sold many multi-six figure businesses. Now my passion lies in helping others achieve their dreams.


Are you prepared to experience unwavering support on your path to business success as well?


You´ve landed on this page for a reason..

These are some of the most common problems holding my clients back from launching their project and taking their small business to the next level.

Sound familiar?

Doubting whether the project is worth even starting, lacking a structured plan

Dealing with self-doubt, imposter syndrome, or the fear of failure

Lack of a clear and effective business strategy aligned with long-term goals

Your healthy work-life balance left the building long ago!

Not knowing where to start on the ever-growing to-do list, causing frustration and indecision.


My goal is to get you more!


Maximized Revenue! Unlock potential earnings for outsourcing tasks, allowing focus on your strengths.

Heightened Joy! Achieve fulfillment by realizing your full potential while positively impacting others' lives.

Clear Structure! Introduce calm and peace through streamlined business processes and organization.

Time Freedom! Devote time to personal passions, inside and outside of your business.

Creative Exploration! Explore the creative aspects of your business, adding fun and excitement to your work life.

More of this...


The Program. 6 weeks to super charge your small business

Imagine compressing two years’ worth of growth and profit into less than two months. It’s not magic; it’s our intensive online coaching program designed for entrepreneurs like you!!

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With limited spots available, this program isn’t just about learning; it’s about doing. We roll up our sleeves alongside you, guiding you through each step until your business stands head and shoulders above the competition.

Don’t settle for mediocrity. Elevate your business. Join now and let’s create a success story together!

Next cohort leaving soon!

"Nothing has given me a higher return on investment than The Program. 5 figure weeks are now the norm."

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I´m not sure The Program is for me


You´re ready for a challenge

You´ve tried the half baked $49 courses and you´re tired of spinning your wheels

There´s no Plan B

You´ve decided this business is going to work or it´s going to work